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Newborn Wesley/ Sabattus Maine Newborn Photographer

April 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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Prepping For Your Senior Picture Session

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MaineSeniorPictureBeachMaineSenior Senior pictures are an exciting time for many young adults as they enter into their final year of high school. This is the first of many fun parts of a student's senior year. I have included a few tips and tricks below to help you have the best experience possible! 

Choose Your Photographer

After gathering recommendations from friends and families, reading reviews, viewing samples of the photographers work, and speaking with the photographer you must choose which one fits right for you. When choosing the photographer take into consideration not only the work they have done on other seniors, but also how comfortable you will be as you do not want to feel stiff and nervous at your session. 

What to Bring

Begin to look at what your plan for props and outfits will be for your session. Make sure to speak with your photographer on how many outfits and props they would suggest. I usually suggest no more than 3 outfit changes and a couple of props (if you would like). This is just so we will have plenty of time to show in each outfit and outfit changes tend to take up a big chunk of time. Examples of props may be a guitar, basketball, car or another one of your hobbies! 

What Captures You Best

When deciding on what to wear pick an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your senior pictures should capture you at your best and at this exact moment in your life. I suggest picking a variety of looks that capture each of your personalities. For example, a casual outfit that you feel confident and yourself in, an outfit involved with a hobby of yours, and finally an outfit of your choice whether that is a bit more dressy or anything of your choosing. 


Deciding on your location of photos is something many of us may overlook, however, it can really make a photo pop. There are many different examples of locations for photo sessions such as downtown, field, garden, barn, and more. Speak with your photographer and see if she has any secret spots they enjoy photographing clients at. Make sure to choose a location that feels right to you.

Your senior pictures are something that you do once in your life and you want to have the best session you possibly can. Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be sure to have a great time and great photos to look back on for a lifetime. 

Tips on Choosing a Newborn Photographer

July 17, 2017  •  1 Comment


Choosing a newborn photographer can feel impossible when attempting to navigate your new life after you have just given birth to your new bundle of joy. However, choosing the right photographer is vital in preserving to precious moments of your newborns first few weeks into the world. I have included a few steps that may help make this process a little less daunting and allow you a few extra moments of rest and relaxation...

Get Recommendations

Start by asking family and friends who they had a photographers in the past. Ask them what their thoughts were; personable, photos, professionalism and more. Then proceed to do your own research. Search their social media sites and websites. Take a look at some of their examples and what their reviews reveal about their photo sessions. 

Less is More 

When it comes to photographing your newborn less is more. Your baby is at such a natural and beautiful part of their new life that it is something you do not want to cloud with over editing or excessive props. Finding a newborn photographer who uses a light hand with photoshop is something to look for when searching for a newborn photographer. 


Knowing what the photographer has for products available is very important to consider. Knowing what you wish to do with your photos (canvas prints, photo books, digital images, copyright release, etc.) and ensuring the photographer offers these products is something you should look into before making a decision. This allows for a wide variety of options when it comes to what you may wish to do with these photographs in the future.

Get to Know Them

Give your potential photographer a call and ask them about their process, prices, experience and any other questions you may have. This is a great way to get to know the photographer and see if your personalities match. A photo session should be a fun way to preserve memories of the new addition to your family and finding someone who can not only capture this, but grow with your family over time is a key factor in building a lifelong relationship with your photographer. 

If you have any further questions I'd love to chat with you

Beautiful Family of Five~ Toutaine Family

March 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


What a pleasure to work with such a beautiful family.

Photographing the Toutaine family on a beautiful morning in February. What great big sister Addison was as well as a newly promoted big brother, Landon to their sweet baby sister, Paisley. Lots of laughs during this session that certainly were caught on camera. 

Toutine Family of 5 photosToutine Family of 5 photos

The gorgeous parents admiring their sweet new baby girl, Paisley. 

Toutine Family of 5 photosToutine Family of 5 photos

How to Prepare the Morning of your Newborn Session

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So you've just had your beautiful baby boy or girl and you are hoping to capture some photos of your new bundle of joy. However, it can be tricky to know what to bring to be prepared for your photo session. I have included a few tips and tricks to allow for your newborn photo session to go smoothly!

Newborn 17Newborn 17Newborn 17

How Soon do I Schedule Newborn Photos?

Newborn photo sessions are best scheduled anywhere between 6-12 days as it makes posing easier. However, anytime before three weeks is considered to be a good time to photograph your newborn. Exceptions are pre-mature babies where we have a bit more leeway!  

Sleepy Babies are the Best Babies

It is very important that you try and keep baby awake the morning of your session, at least 1-2 hours before session time. That way baby will be nice and sleepy for the session. It makes it very easy to pose a sleeping baby and allows for beautiful images.

Do Not Disturb

Please dress your baby in a button-up or zip-up sleeper with no socks and no onsie on. We do not want anything that goes over their head. We do not want to disturb the baby while the sleep. Anything that goes on and off easily is a good choice to dress your baby in for their session.

Full Tummy

Try to feed your baby just before you put them in the car for your photo session. The drive will hopefully put them to sleep and I will carefully remove the newborn once you arrive. This allows us to quickly get to posing the sweet, sleeping baby while they are still full from the last meal! 

Just in Case

In some cases, babies may not be as sleepy and relaxed as we may wish for photo sessions. In case this does happy please bring your newborns pacifier along to soothe the baby as well as a bottle in case the baby gets hungry or fussy. 

Now, you have a happy, sleepy, full baby and we are ready to have some laughs and make sure we are able to capture some beautiful photos for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

Keep Smiling,